PCN's Emergency Mobility Solutions enable Public Safety Management including law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency response officials with
real-time data and information, while providing reliable and streamlined communications. 

Live data can be available by accessing critical information from the call at the station, dispatch, en route communications, and on-site where unpredictability is the nature of the game.



Emergency Mobility Solutions

Emergency Rugged Devices

PCN's rugged Emergency Mobility Solutions are flexible to meet the ever-changing environmental demands and create streamlined, efficient, and reliable processes when every second counts. Light yet durable devices operate with all the critical softwares needed to communicate with other in-vehicle electronics while delivering immediate intelligence that allows for real-time response collaboration between all public safety responders seamlessly during emergency response and emergency management operations. Mounted devices allow for live monitoring and easy data access while sticking to hands-free regulations.

Mobile Fleet Installation Services

PCN Strategies is a global leader and trusted provider of Mobile Fleet Installation Services of vehicle computer docking stations, telematics, GPS systems, video and other mobile technologies.  PCN Stratregies has performed installation services for customer’s fleets ranging in size from 50 vehicles to the largest fleets in the country, consisting of tens of thousands of vehicles.  

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PCN's Industry Specific Solutions allow for custom rugged IT Solutions that work for your team.

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