Construction was one of the first industries to adopt rugged mobile devices and developed the need for mobile strategies. When your

office is in the field, you need reliabe devices to keep you and your team moving along from project to project.

Construction Tech Rugged Devices

Rugged Devices in Construction


Some of the toughest climates that rugged mobile devices are exposed to are in the Construction trade. PCN Strategies designs mobile rugged solutions that are purpose-built to withstand constant exposure to dusty air, extreme temperature fluctuations, powerful vibrations, chemicals, drops, and more. 


Mobile Fleet Installation Services

PCN Strategies is a global leader and trusted provider of Mobile Fleet Installation Services of vehicle computer docking stations, telematics, GPS systems, video and other mobile technologies.  PCN Stratregies has performed installation services for customer’s fleets ranging in size from 50 vehicles to the largest fleets in the country, consisting of tens of thousands of vehicles.  

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PCN's Industry Specific Solutions allow for custom rugged IT Solutions that work for your team.

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Aviation | Construction | Emergency Enterprise Fleets | Law Enforcement | Manufacturing | Transportation | Utility & Telecom